Woman on BF’s Epic Proposal: He Fell So Hard He popped Up With a Ring

Wedding proposal is one of the highlights for a man who cannot wait to marry the love of his life. But what if your marriage proposal backfires? Will you still get her sweetest “yes”?

On Facebook, bride-to-be Maria Gugliotta uploaded a video of his boyfriend Logan Jackson’s wedding proposal. At first, everything was perfect for such a romantic moment: they were at the beach, relishing scene with their dog.

Until Logan slipped on the sea shore; making his girlfriend and the other people present at the scene laugh. But of course, the loving boyfriend got his “ticket” to their happy ever after–she happily said yes, sealing such beautiful moment with a kiss.

In the caption of the video she uploaded online, Maria wrote, “He fell so hard he popped up with a ring! I’m so excited but first I have to stop laughing!”

He fell so hard he popped up with a ring!!! I’m so excited but first I have to stop laughing😂

Posted by Maria Gugliotta on Saturday, July 4, 2020

As of posting, the video already has thousands of views and hundreds of reactions; as well as a lot of comments congratulating the engaged lovers who just shared an epic proposal moment–something that they will surely remember for the rest of their lives.

“Well, I am so very happy for both of you, but so sorry it didn’t happen like it was suppose to here on the beach! I was also disappointed I didn’t get to see you wearing PINK, Maria!” one of their friends Kimberly Moore commented.

“Love this! It needs to be turned in for “funniest/best proposal!” Amanda Mullens Pryor wrote.

“Well, at least, you can say Logan definitely fell for you. Congratulations,” Derek Rogers said.

“That’s awesome!” Zachary Norris expressed. “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finis.”

While Teresa Charlton wrote, “I couldn’t imagine his proposal any other way! I’m so happy for you two, Darlin’! Congratulations! Love you!”

In the end, Maria said, “I’ve always been in love with him because he makes me laugh to the core.”