When is the Right Time to Propose Marriage?

When you first saw her, you already knew that she is THE ONE. So, you went ahead, asked for her name, her number, and if she wants a ride home. Later on, you found yourself telling her that you love her and asking if she feels the same way for you. She said yes then.

Now, a few years after, you want to take your relationship a notch higher. You want to pop that question, right? But you are wondering if the time is right. So, we will help you recognize if the time is right to propose marriage to your significant one.

You see yourself starting a family together.

If you see each other as a unit more than separate individuals, you are in it to win it. The idea of sharing a home with that person and having a child together excites you and something that you really look forward to.

marriage proposal

Your partner’s views are important to you.

Though you love your freedom and independence, each of you cannot make decisions without consulting each other first. You also share good or bad news and have no problem discussing personal and sensitive topics with each other.

You have seen each other’s best and worst and loved them anyway.

It is important that you are comfortable with each other to the point that you are not afraid to let her see the real you. The two of you also knew what makes each one tick and what will push your buttons.

marriage proposal

You cannot see yourself without your partner.

Perhaps, the most important indicator that it is time to propose marriage is if you cannot accept the idea of a life without your significant other in it. You will feel it in your heart if you are ready for the commitment and the responsibility of engagement and, eventually, marriage.