Wedding Veil 101: The Different Styles

The wedding veil is one of the oldest parts of a bridal ensemble. Greek and Roman brides wore them to hide from evil spirits who want to thwart her happiness. It is also used to protect the bride’s face from the groom, as it was thought that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony.

Nowadays, the veil is worn to signify the bride’s innocence and purity. Wearing it is also optional for the bride. However, wearing a veil during the wedding creates drama, and it might be the only time in a woman’s life that she gets to wear one.

Wedding veils come in a variety of styles and length. In choosing which veil to wear, the bride or the stylist must consider the wedding dress, as both should look good together.

wedding veil


A birdcage wedding veil covers or partially covers the face. Made from French net, a birdcage wedding veil is pinned with the hair and draped across the eyes. It is paired with jeweled combs, feathers, flowers, or a hat.

wedding veil


Popular during the 1950s, the flyaway wedding veil is approximately 20 inches long, extending at the shoulder or bust. This type of veil is usually made from tulle.

wedding veil


Reaching down to the elbow up to the fingertip, this type of veil is usually trimmed in lace or ribbon. This is the veil of choice of most brides, as it is more versatile and easy to maintain.

wedding veil

Ballet or Waltz

Often training down from a crown or a headpiece, the ballet or waltz veil works well with a variety of dress styles. It is also a good choice for brides who prefer a longer veil without too much volume.

wedding veil


During the 1920s, hemlines of wedding dresses shortened and veils grew longer. The shorter the hemline, the longer the veil should be. The chapel-type veil is approximately 90 inches long, extending from the bride’s head to the floor. Modern brides choose the chapel type of veil for its ethereal effect

wedding veil


Ultra-glamorous and gorgeous, this 108 to 120 inches-long veil is usually made with French laces. This is the type of veil worn by Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles back in 1981.