Top 10 Tips to Achieve the Perfect LGBTQ Wedding

While society nowadays is more open to accepting gay couples, LGBTQ weddings are still frowned upon. For many straight people and even some LGBTQ, it’s alright for gays to have romantic relationships but the altar is reserved for a man and woman couple.

But there are already plenty of places that welcome LGBTQ weddings – and such can actually be done in a legal manner. If you’re lucky enough to have found a partner and ready to get married, here are some tips to achieve the perfect LGBTQ wedding.

Find a Good Location

Location is very important, especially in weddings like this. You don’t want to be in a very public place where some people might cause trouble just because it’s an LGBTQ wedding! A private location would be a good idea.

Find the Perfect Rings

Pick the perfect rings that would match your personalities. Many LGBTQ couples don’t use the usual engagement ring but pick more colorful options. Your wedding rings could have rainbow-colored gems, if you like.

Getting a Marriage License

Make sure to get a marriage license before working on the other details of your wedding. Many states in the US and several countries legalized gay marriage. If you can’t get married at your state, you might be eligible to do it in another.

De-Gender the Wedding Party

Since this is an LGBTQ wedding, you can easily de-gender the wedding party! Who said you’ve got to have flower girls and page boys?

Find the Perfect Wedding Attire

For same-gender couples, both could wear similar clothes (both ladies wear gowns, for example) or different (one lady wears the gown and the other wears a tuxedo) items. This is simply a matter of preference. But make sure you both look great!

Get Your Own Paparazzi

You want to have the perfect pictures for the wedding – so, get your own paparazzi! That would actually be fun if your wedding photographer acts like one.

Pick the Perfect Cake

Unique cakes are popular these days. You can work with a popular cakeshop to create one that would perfectly showcase your wedding theme.

Create the Perfect Invitations

Not so into frilly, sweet-smelling wedding invitations? Don’t worry because there are lots of other options to choose from. Laser-cut invitations would be perfect! But you can also make personalized cards.

Surprise Them with Your Wedding Dance

Who said you’ve got to follow tradition? You’re not doing a traditional wedding, anyway – you might just a well bring it a notch higher by surprising everyone with an exciting wedding dance.

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Just Have Fun

Aiming for the perfect wedding but seeing some people who look like they’re talking behind your back? Well, let them be! They might not even be talking about you. Just relax and have fun. The goal is to have the perfect wedding – make sure you don’t let others ruin it for you. Good luck!