Things to Consider When Planning for a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are all in the rage these days, thanks to the power (or shall we say ‘evils’?) of social media. What makes these weddings a favorite for moneyed couples is that this is their chance to have a wedding and honeymoon destination in one, while in the company of their closest relatives and friends.

Take note, however, that destination weddings are often very expensive! Make sure you don’t regret your choice by checking out these things to consider when planning for a destination wedding.

Choose the location

Location is certainly a major factor in a destination wedding. This dictates a lot of things, including how many guests you can bring, how much you’ll be spending for everything, what else to do before and after the wedding, etc.

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Visit in advance

Don’t be fooled by photos taken in resorts by others. It is easy for photographers to find angles that make the place look larger or for a shabby location to look stunning. You don’t want to be disappointed by the venue when the day arrives. Make sure to visit well in advance – and bring your partner with you!

Set your budget

In most destination weddings, the bride and groom are expected to pay for everything. After all, you invited everyone to be with you on your big day, at a faraway destination that is most likely expensive! This means you are likely to also pay for their plane fares…

Notify guests in advance

The upside to the expensive destination wedding is that you can choose who you really want to be there. After all, you are paying for their plane/boat tickets, accommodations, and activities; thus, you can easily handpick your guests.

The downside is that a lot of people might get angry at you – but who cares, anyway? It’s your wedding, you can invite only the ones you like.

Plan your wedding to match destination

Most destination weddings are held outdoors, so plan accordingly. But you can save big if you incorporate the location’s strong features and stuff that you can find locally. For example, you don’t have to bring the bulk of the flowers and decorations; instead, find local suppliers of local blooms.

Hire a pro

There are a lot of things to consider when preparing for a wedding – and a destination wedding is twice, even thrice as difficult to plan as a regular one because the location is not easily accessible to you. Hire a pro to help keep things as smooth as possible, but make sure to do your research to ensure you really are hiring a pro and not someone trying to pass off as one.