Stylish Food Carts You Can Rent for the Wedding Reception and Other Special Events

Did you know that you can add food carts to the wedding reception or for any special event and party for that matter, for more fun options for your guests?

While seems like a novel idea, a lot of couples have actually done this at their wedding reception! What makes this option great is that you can serve your guests something that the caterers can’t cover, such as French fries or ice cream in stylish carts that would easily fit in with your wedding theme.

Here are some options for you to rent for the wedding reception:

Potato Corner

Who doesn’t love French fries, anyway? While your guests wait for you to finish your postnup pictorials, they can munch on yummy fries from Potato Corner. Carts can be rented for a maximum of 4 hours, with several flavors available.

Bono Gelato

Make your next party memorable! We provide all-natural gelato with a twist! We have two packages available: Scooping Station or Liquid Nitrogen Bar (on the spot churning of gelato),” Bono Gelato offers.

Now, that sounds tempting!

Cart Tales Manila

Who said food carts should just be ‘simple’, easy-to-prepare food? Cart Tales Manila offers a wide range of options and offers a stylish smorgasbord to provide a yummy and Instagram-worthy spread for your guests.

The Cheese Cart

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With its white food cart style, The Cheese Cart is perfect for your wedding! Don’t worry about having the cheesiest wedding, literally.

Mr. Churros

With its pretty presentation for churros, you can never go wrong with renting out a Mr. Churros food cart for your party.

Saint Anne Creperie

Even with a full bullet, there’s just something about the yummy desserts at Saint Anne Creperie that will make your guests feel happy.

Nacho Free ‘To

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One of our events today. 😊

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A buffet-style nacho bar is perfect for those moments when guests still have to wait while you do the postnup pictorials. Let them enjoy a serving of these delicious Mexican treats from Nacho Free ‘To.