Real-life Happy Ever After! Fall in Love With This Magical Fairytale-inspired Wedding Proposal

A lot of young girls dreamed of marrying a prince someday, but not everyone gets a fairytale-like happy ever after–well, literally. Luckily, this woman found a “real-life prince”.

On Facebook, Celina Daily shared the story of how couple Denise Amouzougan and Blaze Montgomery got engaged in a magical way; while she was wearing the costume of Princess Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) and he was clad in Prince Charming’s attire.

“Once upon a time, Denise was a princess. Working with a local party company (Capes & Crowns LLC), Denise would dress up as the Disney Princess, Tiana for parties, balls, and parades. Her grace and radiant smile made her the perfect Tiana and she was in constant demand,” Celina narrated in her post.

“Blaze; a true gentleman, a real-life prince. He is the type of guy that will always have your back. He’s loyal, he’s kind and he always makes everyone laugh. As they were dating, he loved attending Denise’s public princess events because he loved to see the joy she brought to the parties,” she continued.

How Me and My Best Friend got engaged: A Story By Me (Celina) -other working titles: The Princess found her FrogOnce…

Posted by Celina Daily on Thursday, July 9, 2020

So to start their journey to forever, Blaze thought of coming up with a very special wedding proposal; something really close to her heart.

“Blaze spent weeks making sure everything up to the moment would be perfect. He went to Denise’s parents, abiding by their cultural traditions, discussed the engagement, and received their blessings. They couldn’t be happier to add him to the family. Calling up his sister Megan they ran through placement, his outfit, and timing for the engagement. He anxiously waited to ask his princess to become his queen,” Celina shared.

When everything was set, Denise got a call from her soon to be sister-in-law, Megan, that Princess Tiana had been specially requested as a surprise for a little girl’s birthday party at the Village in Meridian.

But when she was about to read the story for the children, something unusual was written on the first page.

“She fumbles through the book and finds her story, but the first page is a little different than she remembers. Written in sharpie, a special note was left just for her, ‘Every Princess needs a Prince, will you be mine forever? -Blaze,'” read Celina’s post.

Watch the video to see how everything turned out!

5/5Despite all the grief 2020 has brought the world, there is still love, magic and happy endings 💕THE END

Posted by Celina Daily on Thursday, July 9, 2020