Pros and Cons in the Trend of Having Two Weddings (Because One is Not Enough?)

As if preparing for one wedding is not stressful (and expensive!) enough, a lot of couples these days are following the new trend of having two weddings! Apparently, one wedding is no longer enough! Do you agree?

Well, having two weddings is certainly twice the excitement and twice the fun, but remember that it would also be twice the stress and twice the expense! Aside from these obvious facts, here are the pros and cons of having two weddings…

Breaking Traditions

Let’s face it, a lot of parents still want to have a say in the wedding because they have certain traditions they want to be followed. This especially holds true in multi-cultural or inter-religious marriages.

Often, the couple would marry in two different ceremonies, officiated by two different ministers from their respective religions, and go through the traditions as their parents wished.

Bur for others, this is a way of breaking traditions. One wedding could follow all the traditions their parents wanted, then the other is something that the couple wanted to have, free from the constrains of their parents’ beliefs because they had already fulfilled that part.

Enjoying Everything

Can’t agree on having a church wedding or a grand wedding getaway? Well, why not have both? What’s nice about having two weddings is that you can have the formal one in church while you can also enjoy a carefree wedding at a tropical destination!

What’s nice about that is that you can enjoy everything you wanted because you could simply put the things you missed in the first wedding while you plan for the second wedding.

Guest List Dilemma

Aside from the higher expenses, of course, there’s the dilemma of whether you should also invite everyone invited in the first wedding to the second one. Some couples believe this should be the case, but for many, it does not matter.

After all, these guests won’t surely feel bad about not getting invited in the first wedding because they were at the other one, anyway!

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s your wedding – and you have the right to pick who gets to join and who shouldn’t be there. You could always opt to enjoy the second wedding with an entirely new guest list!