Priest ‘Sabotages’ Childhood Friend’s Wedding, 13 Years After The Guy Stole His GF

A priest finally gets his ‘revenge’ on a childhood friend who stole his girlfriend as he ‘sabotages’ his wedding! But why is everyone laughing?

Priest Gets ‘Revenge’ at Childhood Friend’s Wedding

There are so many things that happen to our lives, especially while we’re growing up. We experience so much, including break-ups and various things. That’s really just part of growing up.

Still, have you thought about getting some ‘revenge’ over these things? Probably not. Because we outgrow them and eventually find the best people for us, right?

Well, not one priest who finally got his ‘revenge’ against a childhood friend who stole his girlfriend back when they were kids. LOL.

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Fr. David Michael Moses was officiating the wedding of his childfood friend, Zachary Harvey.

He explained that he knows Zachary from his childhood days, and the Harvey family, too.

He also said that when he became a priest, the first wedding he officiated was that of Zachary’s sister, Meagan and her husband Tyler. He admitted also, with much laughter from the audience, that Meagan was his first crush back in second grade.

Don’t worry Tyler, I’m over her. I have been for several months now,” he added, again to much laughter from the crowd.

But this wedding, Zachary’s wedding, is something else because he was going to get his ‘revenge’ and ‘sabotage’ it. Apparently, he and Zachary had also been in the same circles back in their childhood.

He explained that he and Zachary were in the same youth group back in high school. He had been dating one girl for a month, when this girl broke up with him to be with Zachary! Uh-oh.

Apparently, this girl isn’t the one that Zachary’s marrying now, but Fr. David felt glad that after 13 years, he’s finally able to get his ‘revenge.’

It was hilarious and everyone knew he was just joking, of course. Netizens commented that they love his humor and how he shows that priests are human, too.

Watch the funny video here:

Why Can’t Priests Get Married?

In the Roman Catholic tradition and in many religions, priests take a vow of celibacy and remain unmarried for the rest of their lives. It is said that this also traces back to Jesus Christ who didn’t get married.