Priest Gives Powerful Advice in Inspirational Homily at Wedding, Makes Netizens Cry

Weddings are one of the most powerful, life-changing moments in a person’s life as each individual leaves his or her family to start a new family. But their original families grow because each gained a new son or daughter. However, many of us often forget the essence of starting a new family without actually leaving our old families for good!

One priest recently went viral for the powerful advice he gave in an inspirational homily at a wedding that got everyone crying. Identified as a certain Fr. Fidel, he gave the couple named Gem and John some really powerful words of advice that also applies to all other couples.

Straight to the point, he told the couple that in the Gospel, Christ said that a man will leave his parents to be with his wife. That’s exactly what the bride and groom are doing as they leave their families to be together.

Fr. Fidel explained what this means, without mincing words. He told the couple that their parents are important, but from now on their spouse will be more important.

Ito’y alam at tanggap ng inyong mga magulang. Kaya naman kahit sila ay masaya para sa inyo, ay may kirot sa kanilang puso. Sapagkat ang kanilang anak nasa harapan nila, pinag-aral, binigyan ng magandang bukas sa kabila ng hirap ng buhay; hindi pa sila nakababawi, nag-asawa na. May sarili nang prioridad ngayon. Pero ito ay tanggap nila,” the priest explained.

He told the couple to never forget that and the sacrifices their parents made for them so they will become who they are today.

Kaya ngayon, kayo ay kayo. Kaya may kasal ngayon. Ano man ang marating pa ninyo sa habang panahon, yan ay dahil sa pagbibigay at pagmamahal ng inyong mga magulang. Kaya ang pagtulong sa magulang, kahit konti lang at paminsan minsan, bagama’t hindi kayo obligado, ito ay hindi dapat pinag-aawayan kundi dapat pinag-uusapan ng mag-asawa,” he added.

He told the young couple that if they wanted the other to love them more, they should learn to also love each other’s parents. However, the priest also told the parents that due to the wedding, they gained a new son and a new daughter. This meant that when the couple have misunderstandings, the parents should not take sides because both are their children – one they gave birth to and the other they gained through marriage.

Then, he let the couple pay respect to their parents before they start their own families.

The homily got the couple and their respective parents crying – and netizens also felt the weight of the priest’s powerful words. If only all weddings are like this, huh?

What is a Homily?

A homily is a religious speech or discourse that is intended for spiritual edification. It is a commentary based on a scripture reading and is given during Mass.