Photo of ‘Masked’ Wedding Goes Viral, Netizens Make Fun of Two People in the Picture

An undated photo taken at a wedding recently went viral because everyone, except two people, were wearing face masks! And while the uploader laughed at how these people don’t trust each other, netizens are making fun of two people who are different from the others in that they did not have masks.

On Facebook page, Huli, the photo was shared with the caption, “Yung wala kayong tiwala sa isa’t isa 😅😂.” (When you don’t trust each other 😅😂)

The photo shows the bride and groom posing with their guests, almost all wearing masks – even the bride and groom!

Considering that the bride and groom have to meet all the guests, it was practical that they both wear masks to their wedding. The guests are also wearing masks to protect themselves, leading many netizens to assume that this was taken recently, amid the issue of the Wuhan outbreak.

Photo credit: Huli / Facebook

Some netizens laughed at the group, saying that it looks bad to see them all in masks, considering that this is a wedding photo. What if they took off their masks for a few seconds, just enough for the cameras to take a good picture, huh?

There were those who said that it was useless for the newlyweds to take the photos with their masks on because the pictures won’t come out beautifully. Who wants to display their wedding photos, with everyone in masks?

But there were also those who said that this is practical, of course. Because what would be the use of having beautiful photos if you’ll end up passing because you contracted the virus from someone at the wedding.

And while everyone appears to be wearing masks, two people stood out. Netizens are making fun of the woman in white who is standing just above the newlyweds. She’s not wearing a mask – and netizens are joking that she is the ‘carrier’ that everyone at that wedding was scared about.

But did you also notice the guy who’s covering his mouth and nose with his hand? He doesn’t have a mask as well! Netizens joked that before the photo was taken, the ‘carrier’ coughed; thus, this guy had no choice but to cover his face because he didn’t have a mask on. LOL.

What’s a Carrier?

In medical terms, a carrier is a person carrying the genes or infectious agent but not displaying any symptoms. While not exhibiting symptoms of being sick, this carrier could still pass on the germs to other people.