Newlywed Doctors on the Way to Reception, Stop at Road Accident to Save Man’s Life

They had just gotten married and were on the way to the reception, but when they saw that someone met an accident and was in need of help, a pair of doctors did not hesitate to stop and save lives!

Saving a Life Matters Most

This happened last February 17, in the Nong Thale sub-district of Krabi, Thailand. While on the road, the newly married doctors witnessed a pick-up truck and motorcycle collide. They did not reveal their full names or where they are from but only introduced themselves as doctors Jonathan and Sarah.

The accident reportedly happened after a dark grey Toyota pickup truck made a turn on the road. The motorbike driver didn’t notice the pickup truck making a turn and crashed right into the driver’s door. The 21-year-old Thai biker was flung onto the road and suffered a broken leg.

newlywed doctors save man's life

Photo credit: God TV

Meanwhile, the two doctors had just finished their wedding ceremony and were on their way to a hotel in Klong Muang Beach for their wedding reception.

Proving that no one should be ‘too busy’ to help others in need, particularly in a critical situation, Jonathan and Sarah did not mind that they were going to be late for the wedding reception because this man’s life mattered more!

Helping Others

Wearing a white dress, the bride directed traffic away from the accident scene in Krabi, Thailand, while Jonathan supported the man’s head. The two might be foreigners in this land and could have easily driven past the accident scene to their wedding reception, but the two didn’t mind helping others. After all, they made an oath to save lives! And they are going to do that, no matter the circumstances.

newlywed doctors save man's life

Photo credit: God TV

The couple stayed at the accident scene until the medics arrived to take the young man to the hospital. When the Krabi rescue team finally arrived, Sarah took time to explain to the rescuers some aspects of the injured man’s condition; then, the newlyweds worked with the Thai rescue team to get the man off to the hospital without delay.

Foreign wedding couple tend to motorbike crash victim in Krabi

+ Foreign couple stop to help injured motorbike crash victim on the way to their wedding in Krabi on Monday. The bride directed traffic and the rescue operation. Boonkong reports from Krabi

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Can Foreigners Get Married in Thailand?

Foreigners planning to get married in Thailand will need to register their marriage with the amphur. They have to present the translated documents to the amphur who will register the marriage and issue a marriage certificate.

Then, the newlyweds will take the translated marriage certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. The Ministry officials will certify that the marriage is legal in Thailand. Afterwards, they must register the marriage in their home country to recognize the marriage. This is not done through the embassy.