Instead of a Wedding Banquet, Newly-Weds Gave Meals to Poor Families

The wedding of Ana Paula Meriguete and Victor Ribeiro from Espirito Santo, Brazil has turned into a charity banquet, as the newly-wed couple chose to provide a feast for low-income families, instead of the usual wedding feast.

Ana Paula said that the inspiration for the banquet came from the lyrics of a famous Brazilian Hymn, ‘My Kingdom Has Much to Say,’ which goes as:

“If you want to hold my dinner, don’t invite friends, brothers, and others. Go out to the streets in search of those Who cannot pay you back, And your actions will be remembered by God.”

Victor, a physical education teacher, said that they decided to feed those who need it since their family already have what they need. For him, the idea of a traditional wedding banquet does not make any sense in the face of so many needs.

He added that while there is nothing wrong with having a wedding banquet for such a worthy celebration, they could not do it.

The couple invited 160 guests who came from low-income families in the coastal city of Guarapari, in Espirito Santo, Brazil.

Goodwill comes in

Though the couple can finance their wedding, friends and families offered help using donations and volunteer work.

Victor said that some friends brought live music and another one offered to provide the decorations. Some people also volunteered to assist and serve people during the reception while a private company lends some chairs.

As the network of solidarity came into a full circle, a professional catering company even offered to provide the meals for free.

The groom further stated that people receive much more than they give. He said that people left their party full of happiness and gratitude. When dinner was over, he and his bride were satisfied with what they had done.

Victor said that they are grateful for everything.


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Photo credits for the featured image: Ana Paula Meriguete Personal Archive