How to Deal with Wedding-Planning Disputes with Parents

Planning a wedding? You will soon learn that though weddings are fun and exciting, planning the whole thing can be quite stressful! There are times when you can actually get into disputes with family and friends.

Sadly, there are instances when the disputes get too much that family and friendship ties get broken forever! Don’t let that happen to you. Here are ways to deal with wedding-planning disputes with parents.

Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

More often than not, parents also want to have some input in the wedding, particularly in who to invited or what you should wear during the ceremony. If their suggestions don’t really cost a lot of money or won’t affect the wedding too much, perhaps you should just indulge them.

Don’t stress the small stuff because at the end of the day, everyone really just wants you to have the best wedding. Remember, they’re just trying to help – and antagonizing the old folks is something you should not do, whether they are your parents or would-be in-laws.

Communication is the key.

Learn to Compromise

A lot of couples these days want to let go of tradition because they have other plans. Parents of the bride and groom might want them to marry in church or go through the traditions dictated by their culture and religion.

Instead of getting into a full-blown dispute, learn to compromise. How about incorporation the traditions into your modern wedding?

Some couples even go as far as do a second wedding to please their parents while also enjoying their dream wedding. But that’s twice the expense!

Call for Backup

You don’t have to deal with everything. If things get complicated with the parents, how about ask for help from other members of the family to help settle the issue or convince your parents/would-be in-laws to see matters through your eyes.

There’s no need to fight, really. And if the issue is about something they want that’s beyond what you can afford, just be honest and tell them about it – or let your backup explain that to them.

Stick to Your Vision

No matter how rough things might go, remember that the ultimate goal in planning the wedding is for you to be happy on your Big Day! Stick to that vision and don’t let the small stuff get to your nerves.

Plus, remember that weddings unite not just you and your partner but also your families. You don’t always have to be right and you don’t always have to win in all the disputes throughout the wedding planning, but if you learn to communicate and compromise, things could be so much better…

Still, you have to put your foot down and stick to what you originally planned. There’s always room to add suggestions from parents and would-be in-laws but it’s your wedding! Majority of it should be what you wanted, but you might also find later on that their additions and suggestions can also complement your plans…