Groom’s Special Vow for Bride’s Son Makes Everyone Cry at This Wedding

Weddings are special events that bring two families together. As the bride and groom exchange their vows and become one, their families also become intertwined. But when they have kids from a previous relationship, it is sweet when the bride and/or groom also include each other’s children in the marriage vows.

A Bride’s Happiness

A lot of single parents face a dilemma when getting married to another person who’s not the father or mother of their children. Often, many struggle with making their new partner accept their kids – and the same goes for making their children accept that they have found new love.

But for this bride in a post that has gone viral on Facebook page Reverie, she is so thankful that her groom loves her son unconditionally like his own kid.

wedding vow for bride's son

Photo credit: Reverie / Facebook

Thank you, Carl, for not just loving me but also for accepting my son Jake and loving him like your own,” the bride said as part of her marriage vows.

A Vow for Bride’s Son

The groom was also quite happy with having Jake as his son. But the groom’s vow for his bride’s son warmed hearts and made everyone cry at the wedding.

I, Papa Carl, take you to be my beloved son, I promise to love, honor and cherish you until the end of time, I will commit myself to you Dionne Jake, promising to guide you through your life as you grow old and later become kuya, I promise to give you my unconditional love and to support you as long as I live. Continue to be our blessing. Continue to make us mama Peng proud in everything that you do,” the groom promised.

Can You Adopt Your Partner’s Kids Through Marriage?

Marriage helps it become easier for you to adopt your partner’s kids, but this does not automatically change their status. This still has to go through legal adoption.