Groom Who Failed to Follow Age-old ‘Wedding Cake Tradition’ Goes Viral

A lot of people know the age-old tradition wherein the newly-weds feed each other with the first slice from their wedding cake–but not this groom, whose video has been making rounds online for quite a while now.

On TikTok, Allie Downs uploaded a video of her and her husband Jake; who is apparently unaware of the aforementioned custom, taking only one quick glance at his slice of cake then eating it straight.

“Honestly thought he had seen the cake tradition at a wedding before,” read the caption of the clip that she uploaded recently on the popular social media app. As of writing, her post has already received more than 636,000 favorites and over five million views.

“OMG! This is so funny to me!” user2327639804692 commented. “I’ve never seen this happen! Hahaha the look on his face after! He looked so confused hahaha, awww.”

“This is so cute, though. I can’t stop laughing because of how you laughed at your hubby,” Megan wrote.

While Hey it’s Stephanie<3 said, “Got it, gonna discuss everything with my future husband, just so that we’re on the same page because I would probably laugh/cry.”


Honestly thought he had seen the cake tradition at a wedding before 😂#BrowFitness #MakeSomeoneSmile #fyp #foryoupage

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Wedding Cake Tradition

Feeding each other with the first slice from their wedding cake has always been a wedding reception highlight, according to The Spruce and Eats.

“The second act of the traditional cake cutting ceremony is when the bride and groom feed each other a small bite of cake. This can be romantic and sweet, symbolizing a commitment to provide for one another, and a show of love and affection,” it disclosed, adding that the custom also has a modern version.

“This custom has evolved in some cases to the groom or bride grinding the cake into his or her partner’s face. Unless each person agrees beforehand to participate in this type of show, it is best to stick with a simple feeding,”  the article noted.