Wedding Fails That Are So Funny, They Become Epic

Couples who want to tie the knot together often spend a lot of time planning for the perfect wedding. With an average wedding budget of $30,000, we all expect a smooth, romantic, and flawless event. Sometimes, though, a wedding becomes unforgettable not because everything went according to plan, but because of unexpected yet funny wedding fails.

Weddings Gone Wrong

There are many things that could go perfectly beautiful at a wedding. The bride’s beautiful entrance walk, the heartfelt exchange of wedding vows, and the couple’s first dance.

There are many things that could go wrong as well. Thankfully, these crazy and funny mistakes just make the event merrier and more memorable.

Here are some of the most epic wedding fails that are guaranteed to give you a good laugh.

The Bride’s Uncontrollable Laughter

In this particular wedding, both the bride and groom are emotional during the wedding vows. That is until the groom made a mistake. He said something else that made the bride burst into a fit of laughter. Find out what he said and see the reaction of the guests in the video below!

Credits: Genesis Video Productions

When the Pants Don’t Fit

If you are part of the entourage, you need to make sure that you look good. But more than that, this video will remind you to check first if the pants are a good fit!

This is one of the rare times when the highlight of the wedding is not on the couple. It’s a nice little treat for everyone who attended the ceremony.


This Wedding by the Pool

Poolside weddings are very common during the summer. The garden provides a relaxing backdrop and the water is very refreshing.

Just remember these two things. First, do not hold the ceremony on a makeshift uneven stage. And second, be ready to get wet and enjoy.

Credits: Glad I Thought of It Productions

When The Procession Gets Too Long

All eyes are on the bride the moment she walks down the aisle. Most of the time, the entrance becomes dramatic especially when paired with the right music.

Sometimes, things happen a little differently. Find out why this very cheerful bride had all the time to greet and wave at the guests in the venue.

Credits: Genesis Video Productions

Funny Kids At Weddings

Flower girls and ring bearers are always the cutest entourage members. There is no denying that they can easily steal the show at an event. The funny part is that during the wedding, no one can predict if the kids will be moody, sleepy, or cooperative.

If couples opt for an all-adult wedding ceremony, then they miss the chance of witnessing these hilarious fails from the children.

Other Funny Wedding Stories

These are some stories shared by Twitter users under #weddingfail.

The Wedding Dress Fail

Everybody knows that only the bride gets to wear white at a wedding. Sometimes, not everyone gets the memo. A woman shared that her mother-in-law decided to wear a wedding dress for the wedding.

Again, not only is the dress white, but it is also an actual wedding gown! Talk about twinning on a wrong day. Fortunately, there is no bad blood between the women.

The Wrong Name

One of the worst things to happen at a wedding is the groom or bride saying the wrong name. Luckily, in this particular story, it’s the officiant who said the wrong name.

It could happen to anyone, right? It’s just that the officiant is the groom’s dad. At the moment he probably couldn’t remember his son’s name.

The Groom’s Composed Face

When the bride enters, it is natural for the groom to get excited and overwhelmed at the same time. A groom thought that during his wedding, he was looking his best with his calm, composed face. However, he learned that his wedding photos looked a little bit different than what he imagined them to be.

The Summer Wedding

The number one problem everyone encounters during a summer wedding is the exhausting heat. It is even harder for men when the dress code is formal and they need to wear a suit.

This groomsman is more concerned about sweating than being comfortable. He wore three undershirts to avoid sweating through his tuxedo. He actually ended up fainting during the ceremony.

The Wedding Slap

Couples are usually very sweet on their wedding day. They hold hands and plant sweet kisses to each other. In this epic video, the groom slaps his bride, but thankfully out of concern over a flying bee. Obviously, hilarity among guests ensued.