Donut Wall, A Trendy Alternative to Wedding Cakes that Guests Would Actually Enjoy

In weddings, the cakes take centerpiece during the reception, but most guests can only look, not eat, the cake. That’s fine, of course, as most weddings do offer guests with other options for dessert. However, the bride and groom end up with a beautiful cake that no one dares to cut and eat because it is too lovely.

These days, though, the donut wall is becoming a trendy alternative to wedding cakes – and guests could actually enjoy the sweet treats!

Photo credit: Shipp & Lobay / NY Post

Instead of the grand cakes taking centerpiece, you can create a lovely donut wall. This actually makes a great backdrop for the dessert table. Of course, you can still opt to have the traditional wedding cake, but guests know for certain that they can pick some donuts as dessert.

From pegboards to decorated boards that have pegs to hang the donuts, the donut wall is clearly a great option or perhaps addition to your wedding. Just make sure to hang it up at a good height away from children’s reach, unless you want the little ones to consume all the donuts while the adults are busy watching the wedding, of course. LOL.

There are many ways you can opt to create the donut wall. It can be a simple wall, with pegs for the donuts. Of course, you would want to decorate this spot so it would match the other décor in your wedding reception.

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

Another option is to have shelves on the wall where you can place the donuts without risking them crumbling down and falling off the pegs. Or you can also just place the donuts on different containers and display designs on tables, particularly if they are more of an alternative to the wedding cake than as additional desserts.

Best Puns for the Donut Wall

Enjoy some fun by adding some pun to your donut wall. Some good options are the following:

  • “Donut stop, won’t stop!”
  • “Donut worry, be happy…”
  • “Donut you want one?”
  • “Donut leave me hangin’!”
  • “I doughnut know what I’d do without you!”