Disney Releases Wedding Gown Designs for Brides to Have Magical Princess Weddings  

Understanding that every girl truly dreams of becoming a princess, even for just a day, Disney releases wedding gown designs for brides to have magical princess wedding with their chosen Prince Charming. Finally!

Working with premier wedding dress designers Allure Bridals, Disney will now be offering wedding gowns to its long list of premium items for sale. And a lot of brides are already lining up to buy the dresses, even before the first one is actually available for sale. As of press time, three designs have been released but everything is still on paper.

What’s known, though, is that the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection will feature a 16-dress line, with each dress showing designs and styles that would fit all your favorite Disney princesses! Brides would surely have a great time choosing which of the princesses they want to channel for their wedding day.

So many brides grow up admiring their favorite Disney Princess characters and are inspired by their journeys, gowns, and stories of the classic films,” Allure Bridals announced in the press release.

Our design team worked tirelessly on each of these incredible gowns, as each dress features intricate detailing specifically inspired by the timeless characters know and loved by all of us at Allure and Kleinfeld, as well as our brides. We are honored to work with Disney on this collection and see the romance of it come to life.”

On its Instagram page, the bridal store shared photos of the designs, starting with one inspired by “The Little Mermaid”, Ariel. As expected, it has a mermaid silhouette design.

The second is a gorgeous gown that features a full skirt, reminiscent of the ball gown worn by Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”.

The third is a sequined dimensional lace inspired by Tiana, of “Princess and the Frog”.

What’s a Disney Princess?

A Disney princess is a princess or an especially heroic woman who found additional fame through filmmakers Disney and/or Pixar. The character should be human or turn into a human to quality as a Disney princess and the movie/character should have been a commercial success.

Under these categories, a lot of female princesses in the movies still don’t count as an official Disney princess, including Nala and Kiara from “The Lion King”, Kida from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”, Eilonwy from “The Black Cauldron”, and Sheriff Callie from “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West”.