Bride’s Mom Ends Speech With a Flash Mob Performing Les Miserables’ One Day More

What if your mother has prepared something special aside from a heartfelt speech on your “big day”? In her wedding reception, the newlyweds and the guests got really surprised when a flash mob began after the bride’s mom delivered her message to the couple.

Screenshot from Club Mob’s YouTube video

“It was an absolute dream to perform ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables again. This time, at the wedding of Jess and Chris! The bride’s mom, Caroline, had sorted all this out and no one else knew…the looks on their faces as we came from all sides of the room were priceless. We’ll never forget it. One of our favorite wedding flash mobs!” Club Mob wrote in the caption of the video it uploaded on YouTube.

Screenshot from Club Mob’s YouTube video

In the video, it can be seen that everything appeared to be a usual wedding reception; everyone was relishing the beautiful moment, the bride’s mother leaving a touching message for the couple.

“May the most of every second of tonight because when you wake up tomorrow morning, you are gonna wish that this could have all lasted for one day more,” she ended her speech–and the magical moment began.

And just like the bride and groom, as well as their visitors, social media users are also amazed by such a brilliant surprise performance.

“Congratulations to Jess and Chris! Wishing them all the health and happiness for the future. This was a fabulous surprise/performance. Great vid. Thanks for sharing!” YouTube user SunshineMix101 wrote.

“That was great,” Steven Michael commented. “Congratulations to the happy couple! I love Club Mob and I love music and dance!”

“That was brilliant, guys, I love it! So special!” tammy lowe said.

Watch the video of mom’s amazing surprise and relish the couple’s unforgettable wedding experience with a touch of Les Miserables!