Bride Tries on Cheap Wedding Dresses from Online Store, With Surprising Results

Online shopping for anything is often a hit or miss but can you really get good wedding dresses from an online store? That’s what Melbourne-based blogger Tina Young did.

The 29-year-blogger got engaged in 2019 and is getting married this year, 2020! But she didn’t realize that planning a wedding can be so challenging, yet also so much fun. As she searched for that perfect wedding dress, the curious bride realized she might also try some that are being sold at a cheap price online. The results are quite surprising.

Online Shopping

Tina actually did something similar last year, as she tried on wedding dresses from an online store called Wish.

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This time around, Tina is trying out online store ASOS. Would she get better results now that the dresses are more expensive than the first round of options she had from Wish?

Expectations vs Reality

Online stores showcase their goods with gorgeous models that wear the best clothes. But do the clothes really look the same? Tina admitted that she felt rather disappointed with the haul, with most of the dresses being to large or too long for her slim, small figure.

While many of the dresses look fabulous on the models, the ones that arrived in the mail were ill-fitting and didn’t look quite exactly like what the models were wearing. It might be due to her shorter, slimmer frame perhaps.

But the reality is that she might need to spend a lot of money to alter these dresses to actually fit her perfectly, without the dresses showing the alterations.

There were some dresses who ‘passed’, but Tina thinks they are better used for other special occasions but not for a wedding. What do you think? Check out this video:

What is ASOS?

ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer. It was founded in London in 2000 and ships to all 196 countries from fulfilment centers in the UK, US and European Union.