Bride Loss More Than 30kg for Her Wedding

A woman is supposed to be the most beautiful lady during her wedding. It is understandable why she would want to undergo makeovers, diets, and even surgeries to prepare for the big day.

This bride from Melbourne was almost unrecognizable after shedding 31 kilograms before her wedding.

Ebony O’Connor has always struggled with her weight since her teenage years. She tipped the scales at her heaviest weight of 85 kilograms after she gave birth to her son two years ago.

The bride said that back then, she was disgusted to look at herself in the mirror and that she could not believe she had gotten so big.


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Ebony already lose 5 kilograms, but her determination to lose weight grew stronger when she got engaged in 2017.

Furthermore, the engagement also enabled her to reset her entire lifestyle habits.

Though she was a size 16-18, Ebony bought a size eight wedding dress and told herself that she is going to fit into that dress.

The weight-loss journey

The university student and the mother of a boy, Ebony has not tried any exercises or diets. However, she was confident that she would achieve her weight-loss goals.

With the help of a weight-loss program, Ebony was able to stop her diet which was mainly composed of fast food meals.

According to her, she gained a lot of knowledge and education about the kind of foods which are suitable for the body. Aside from that, her husband and son also benefitted from her weight-loss program since the meals that she cooked are family friendly.


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Before her wedding day, Ebony was able to shed 31 kilograms. More importantly, she was able to fit into her dream dress.

The bride was so ecstatic on that day–she married the love of her life and she was able to wear her dream dress.

Ebony said that she had never smiled so much in her entire life as she received so many compliments from their wedding guests.