Bride Earns Praise for Having Four Grandmas as Her Flower Girls

Tradition dictates that flowers girls at a wedding are young girls, but a lot of brides have decided to break the tradition and give the role from the kids to adult, instead. Some even have flower boys to their wedding!

Grandmas as Flower Girls

One bride recently went viral as she was praised for having four grandmas as her flower girls – and we all love it, really! Lyndsey Raby decided that instead of having little girls as her flower girls, she would have her grandmas, great grandma, and the groom’s grandma, instead. And the internet just can’t get enough of the cuteness.

What’s so sweet is that Lyndsey was able to get them all to agree. Did you know that the oldest flower girl in her entourage is 90 years old? That’s her great grandmother Kathleen Brown who gamely agreed to take part of the event.

Both Lyndsey’s grandmothers, 76-year-old Wanda Grant and 72-year-old Betty Brown, were also flower girls alongside her groom’s grandmother, 70-year-old Joyce Raby.

They mean so much to us so it meant the world to have them a part of our day,” Lyndsey said.

Lace Outfits for the Flower Girls

Of course, you can’t dress up these grandmas with the same clothes you would let little flower girls wear. So, Lyndsey decided to have them wear matching lace outfits, with the dresses and jackets made from blue material. The four grandmas look absolutely excited during the event.

They were all treated as guests of honor at the wedding and everyone cheered as they walked down the aisle with their flower baskets, sweetly throwing flowers as they led the way for the bride.

Even 90-year-old Great Grandma Kathleen gamely did her part despite needing to push her walker. Such sweet grandmas!

What is Lace?

Lace is a delicate cloth that’s typically made from cotton or silk. The fine open fabric typically has swirling designs and patterns.