6 Things Guests Don’t Really Care About in Weddings

Couples planning to get married truly wish to have the best wedding they could afford, and to give their guests the best experience during the event. This is the reason why many couples don’t care about spending a lot of money, even taking a loan, just to have a grand wedding.

But many couples don’t realize that while they stress out on the details on their wedding day, there are actually a lot of things that guests don’t really care about in weddings!

The Invitations

Alright, many couples do their best to have the most elaborate invitations for the wedding. A lot spend a fortune on expensive designs like laser-cut pop-up invitations. In reality, most guests simply chuck those up in the recycle bin even before the wedding day.

So, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on invitations. DIY invitations could actually save you a lot of money.

The Linens

Yes, you want those tables to match the overall design of the wedding, but don’t stress yourself too much on getting the best cloths because guests don’t really care about the linens. You’re better off focusing on what food you are serving them.

The Dress

wedding dress

The bride is the star of the event, but while you want to have a unique wedding gown that no one else has used, the reality is that most guests don’t even know if that gown is custom-made or not, or if it was something you designed or from some fancy designer.

The most important thing is that you look great in the gown; don’t stress out on picking a designer label – no one’s going to check that!

The Centerpieces

Each centerpiece should be beautiful and unique, a lot of brides think; however, guests really don’t care about any of that. Food – that’s something you have to focus on. Of course, giving them a great experience and having a fun-filled, wonderful wedding is also quite important.

The Guest Book

A lot of couples spend a fortune on the guest book, but many guests don’t even bother writing there…

The Wedding Favors

Mementos of your wedding that guests can display at home, wedding favors are part of the wedding tradition. In reality, however, most guests don’t really keep these supposed keepsakes. After all, how many weddings do people get to attend in a lifetime?

Let’s face in all honesty. You don’t want to clutter your home with displays from other people’s weddings.