3 Ways to Good Night Sleep Before the Big Day

After months of preparations, you are getting married tomorrow. Everything’s set—your dress fits you well, the band has confirmed, the rings are tucked in, grandparents are in their hotel. You have nothing to worry about, and yet, you keep tossing and turning in your bed for two hours now.

What to do?

First, stop scrolling.

good night sleep before the wedding

Close your Facebook and Instagram and put down that phone. Before you knew it, you have already spent three hours of mindless scrolling. This is not the time to get updated on social media because tomorrow, you know you will be the trending topic. Would you like your photos to show that you haven’t had a good night sleep?

Stop worrying.

good night sleep before the wedding

We know that brides transform into superwomen while organizing their weddings. But, any concerns, wedding-related or not, should also be laid to rest until the next morning. Multi-tasking increasing the level of cortisol hormone in the body. And, you know that cortisol is the primary stress hormone, right?

Set your bedtime and stick to it.

good night sleep before the wedding

Even if it is understandable that you have a lot in your hands right now, it is not an excuse to pull an all-nighter. You need to observe and maintain your regular bedtime hours so your body can automatically revert to sleep mode when it is time to relax. Not only you get to sleep immediately upon hitting the sack, but the quality of your sleep also gets to improve, as well.

Getting a good night sleep should not only be done a day before the wedding. You should keep a regular sleeping routine because you need the energy to breeze through a week or even a month before the wedding. Yeah, we know that there are so many things left undone, but you have to call it a night and get the rest you well deserved.