3 Tips to Maintain Intimacy in a Big Wedding

So, you have a set a date for your wedding and you have listed down a few relatives and friends to invite. Add some college buddies and some high school squad. Plus, some neighbor friends, dorm mates, the café server—before you knew it, your wedding list has a lot more than a ‘few people’ you intended to invite.

You decided to cut down on wedding guests. After contemplating for quite a few days, you were able to successfully take five people out from the list. Not doing good, aren’t we?

Well, if it breaks your heart to cross out some really ‘significant’ people off from your guest list but would want to have that intimate vibe during your wedding, we’d love to share these tips with you.

keep your big wedding intimate

Keep your closest friends and relatives physically close to you.

You can request your crew to find a seat in the first few rows so you can immediately see them when you have to. You may look at them as you say your wedding vow—the people who were with you all along—that will make the affair more intimate.

keep your big wedding intimate

Have a small engagement party and rehearsal dinner.

The wedding is the big day so expect a big turnout of guests. It is a celebration, anyway, and if your budget can accommodate such number, well and good. However, you can control the number of attendees to the engagement party and rehearsal dinner because these events are best enjoyed with those who matter.

Prepare reception activities.

Make your wedding reception as enjoyable as possible. Let every guest party hard. Put up a photo booth, dance stage, popcorn booths, and other things that will keep everyone busy and not just sitting or standing idly. Arrange your guests’ seats in such a way that those who do not know anyone will be seated together in a table rather than place one or two random people in a table where your college friends are seated. You can get more seating arrangement tips here.