3 Tips on Writing Your Own Wedding Vow

Nothing is sweeter and sincerer than creating your own wedding vow. After all, it is you who will be making a promise at the altar so it is just fit that you make a vow using your own words, thoughts, and feelings. You may do this together as a couple or you may do it on your own and surprise each other on the day of the wedding. Either way, here are some tips on how to prepare your own personalized wedding vow.

Give it your personal touch

Since it is your personal wedding vow, you should be able to express yourself through it. It is not a speech so you can forget about the rhetoric and the drama. Do is as if you are just making a conversation with your significant other. The vow should be about you and your would-be spouse so go ahead personal moments that will make your vow unique.

writing your own wedding vow

Get ideas from the classics

While we know that you have a lot of things that you want to say, it is totally understandable that you might now know where and how to start, or your mind just goes blank. Well, you may read classic wedding vows and take cues from them. You don’t really need to follow how they are written. Look at how they are expressed, the patterns and the train of thoughts. Read on until you can confidently write your own wedding vow.

writing your own wedding vow

Insert some anecdotes but make it short

You may include a brief story of how you met or some really memorable moments of the two of you. That will make your vow really personal and will speak a lot about the two of you. But remember to keep it brief and get to the point. First, you can only your guests interested in the first few minutes but if your story will drag on, you will turn them to daydreamers. Second, you might not notice it but you might let some private joke or moments that the rest of the guests might not relate to.

writing your own wedding vow

Coming up with your own wedding vow is easy. Just say whatever is in your heart. Just make sure that you, as a couple, are in it. It won’t look good if one of you goes on to say his or her personal wedding vow while the other one delivers a standard one. It is really optional to create your own one since the standard one is already good enough.