2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Married

Yes, you love each other and cannot imagine life without him or her. So, to seal your relationship and take it into the next level, the two of you decided to marry each other. But, most people will agree that there is definitely more to marriage than being in love. Well, love should always be the foundation of every marriage but being ready to meet the demands of married life will make your marriage even better.

Here are two questions you may ask yourself to see if you are prepared to conquer the married life.

Are you ready to commit?

 before getting married

Marriage is a life-long commitment and when you agree to marry another person, divorce, annulment, or legal separation should not be in the picture. As you take your vows, you commit to spending the rest of your life with that person. You promise to stay with him or her against all odds, and no matter what happens. As a spouse, you will stay by his or her side through thick and thin. You swear to support him or her regardless of what it will cost you. Yeah, the idea of marriage will lift you up to the greatest heavens but you do need to grasp the reality of being someone’s spouse to keep yourself grounded.

Are you willing to compromise?

 before getting married

Aside from commitment, there will times in your marriage when you need to compromise. Are you willing to share your bathroom with someone else? Will it be alright with you if he or she insists to turn off the lights as you sleep when you are a ‘lights-on’ person? Will you be willing to give up your boys’ night out or girls’ night out for a Netflix marathon with your husband or wife? However, compromising does not always mean that someone has to sacrifice or to give up a part of his or herself in order to make the relationship work. Compromising may also mean meeting halfway, managing your expectations, willingness to accept, and keeping an open mind.