11-Week Pregnant Bride Performs Aerial First Dance with Groom on their Wedding

Lana Bolender is a certified massage therapist (CMT) who is also a former gymnast. Just recently, she married her fiancé, Chris, who is also a trained gymnast. When two trained gymnast gets married, one can expect that to witness a not-so-ordinary first dance as a couple.

Chris and Lana did not disappoint their wedding guests. Before the wedding, Chris asked Lana if she wants to do a duo Lyra for their first dance as a married couple. It is a dance style where artists perform acrobatic tricks like spinning on a hoop suspended in the air.

Lana wasted no time and went for it, knowing that they can pull it off though they are not professional aerial acrobats who usually perform such act.

When the time for their first dance came, Lara came out in a short, white dress while Chris was wearing braces and performed a five-minute aerial act.

The couple’s carefully orchestrated performance was, indeed, remarkable and beautiful. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Lana was 11 weeks pregnant at the time of their aerial acrobatics performance.

Preparing for the first dance

Lana said that she and Chris are not professional aerialist or dancers. However, she is a competitive gymnast for 15 years while her husband practiced gymnastics until he was ten years old.

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Our “first dance” on February 16th. ~ We dedicate hours of training with the very talented @teresa_shogren to share this act at our wedding. ~ About one month into practice I learned I am pregnant. There were many days of extreme nausea and difficulty. In so many ways this practice got me through it. While dry heaving and being very emotional. I’m so glad we stuck through and it all worked out so beautifully. ~ We collaborated with the amazing @mooreamasa and her sweetie @swattykins to play our favorite song live, “I Can’t Tell”. Please support these incredible, soulful amazing musicians and friends of mine. ~ @teresa_shogren choreographed our whole performance with so much grace and professionalism. If you’re ever looking for a circus teacher she is your gal. ~ And of course, my love @chimpansea this would have never been a reality without your idea to do a duo lyra performance. You remained so solid, loving and supportive during all the intense ups and downs of first trimester. I’m so thankful to share this life with you. ~ #duolyra#aerialhoop#duoaerial#circusarts#aerialrevolutionentertainment#firstdance#sayulitawedding#11weekspregnant @pink – inspired by you!!

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While Lana was able to practice Lyra on and off during the last few years, Chris had no experience at all.

The couple sought the help of Teresa Shogren in coming up with choreography. Furthermore, she added that they collaborated with another friend, Moorea, who sang ‘I Can’t Tell’ during the wedding.

Rehearsing for their not-so-ordinary first dance performance while pregnant is not an easy feat, but Chris got Lana through it.

Braving bouts of extreme nausea and difficulties, Lana was able to get through rehearsals. She was glad that it all worked out beautifully.